Bespoke Wood Flooring crafted by hand in England using traditional techniques

Based in our 10,000 sq ft production facility in North London, Edward James Oak are a leading brand of hand finished Bespoke Oak flooring. All our flooring is hand finished using old fashioned traditional techniques by craftsmen here in our North London factory.

Our flooring is finished to order with all of the processing stages being carried out in-house. We can provide a wide range of finishes, both in terms of colour, but also textual such as brushing, bevelling and distressing.



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Edward James Oak are considered to be one of the leading bespoke finishing factories in the UK. Our finishes are unique to us because we manufacture a lot of the chemicals ourselves the traditional way borne from natural ingredients. We import all of our European Oak flooring ourselves from our mill in Central Europe, the origin of the European Oak is from a certain region of Ukraine. This European Oak has been chosen by ourselves due to the combination of perfect climate, soil minerals, growing and felling conditions resulting in perfect tannins and patina in the oak which is essential to make hand finished bespoke flooring. Edward James Oak use many traditional techniques to create our range of bespoke flooring including, soft grain brushing, tumbling, fuming, scorching, shrinking, edge softening, sanding, whitening, staining, reactions, waxing and more.

Based in North London, Edward James Oak have been hand finishing floors the old fashioned way since 2005. Using traditional techniques and skilled craftsmen, Edward James Oak believe the only way to achieve a truly beautiful hand finished floor is to finish every plank one by one by hand.

We have a range of over 100 different finishes! Take a look